MBCT participant Mike, 49, Senior Executive

As an expatriated family man, the stresses of my Hong Kong professional life had begun to take a toll on my emotional wellbeing. The program helped me realise, in a non-threatening way, how to respect the health of the mind in the same way as the health of the body and armed me with the tools and techniques to set me on a path to greater physical and mental well being.

My journey through the program took me from a cynical non believer, worried about a load of ‘hippy mumbo jumbo’ to a realisation that the science of MBCT is well founded, and that the practicalities of training/exercising your mind are essentially no different to the practicalities of exercising the rest of your body.

Once I’d come to terms with this and realised that the rest of the group were no more or less normal or hippyish than me, the benefits of the training & shared experiences were outstanding.