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Working with Individuals, Couples and Groups

Sebastian offers individual and couples counselling, coaching and psychotherapy. He integrates modern psychology, neuroscience and mindfulness.

His clients represent a cross section of the achieving working population in Hong Kong and internationally. They typically want to address unhelpful patterns in personality, lifestyle and relationships.

Sebastian tailors interventions to enhance inner strength and noticeable balance. He continuously trains with leading scholars around the world to best support you in improving performance and developing potential.

I started working with Sebastian at an absolute low-point. Career, relationship and health seemed to crumble. My mood was continuously low and I often felt anxious and nervous. I needed fixing and to get back on track.


Henry, Investment Banking

testimonial counselling Sebastian

… When I think back to who I was at the beginning of my time here, to where I am now, one of the people that I wish to thank is you.

Sitting on the couch at the very first meeting, crying my eyes out, I wasn’t entirely sure that you’d be able to help me. But you did. 


Denise, Media