Working with Sebastian

Therapist Psychologist

MCouns, Dipl-Psych, B.B.A

Welcome to my website. Contact me if you are looking for a skilled counsellor and engaging therapist. I am registered with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (bacp).

I work with individuals and couples who are leading ambitious lives in Hong Kong and who seek a professional and reliable partner. In my work with you I apply psychotherapy techniques and treatment methods that help you regain and maintain healthy relationships, rewarding careers and meaningful lives.

My clients want to work on issues that have built up over longer periods of time or occurred as a sudden change. Many of them want to learn more about mindfulness. Couples want to regain happiness and learn skills to improve their relationships.

As an individual client you might find that…

  • your mood and your performance has changed
  • you are stressed, stuck or unstable
  • you feel depressed, nerveless or irritable
  • you are anxious, overly concerned or experience panic
  • you act angrily, short tempered or impatient
  • you sense that some unfinished business needs to be addressed
  • you want to confide, confess or confirm what matters to you
  • you lead an unhealthy lifestyle, feel unrest or sleep badly

Couples often get in touch with me, when they find themselves …

  • reliving similar fights or difficult conversations over and over
  • communicating badly (incl. not talking about sex)
  • facing the loss of connection and intimacy
  • accumulating disappointment, alienation and resentments
  • feeling hurt, betrayed or mistrusted
  • wanting to rekindle their bond and rediscover their future together

I offer learning groups on topics of interest like stress-reduction, willpower and sleep amongst others and design and facilitate Men’s Groups. Clients can also benefit from my network to find mentors, business sponsors and other useful contacts.

There is more information about my approach to counselling here including couples counselling and individual therapy.

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