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Counselling Hong Kong & worldwide

Sebastian offers individual and couples counselling, coaching and mindfulness. He integrates modern psychology, neuroscience and psychotherapy.

Counselling Psychologist Sebastian Droesler

His clients represent a cross section of the active international population worldwide and in Hong Kong. 

They typically want to address emotional imbalance and unhelpful patterns in personality, lifestyle and relationships.

Sebastian tailors interventions to enhance inner strength and visible balance. He continuously trains with leading scholars around the world to support you with excellence.

Henry, Investment Banking

“My mood was continuously low and I often felt anxious and nervous. I needed fixing and to get back on track. What surprised me most, was that you…”

Natalie, Media

“Sitting on the couch at the very first meeting, crying my eyes out, I wasn’t entirely sure that you’d be able to help me. But you did.”

Olivia & Leon

“It has been a tough time with Covid, but we are much happier now and back on course. I want to thank you for everything you did for us. We…

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counselling coaching psychotherapy

Counselling adult individuals

A healthy state of body and mind is the result of inner balance. It shows as calm, confidence and curiosity. When we are at our best, we can socially engage, tackle work and embrace life. Sebastian promotes noticeable change through counselling, coaching and therapy. He works with adult individuals in Hong Kong and worldwide.

“My clients typically want to address unhelpful patterns in personality, lifestyle and relationships. They value a personal yet professional bond of mutual respect, genuineness and unconditional positive regard.”

Sebastian Droesler

You might experience symptoms of stress, emotional imbalance, change & adjustment, difficult relationships, performance blockages, setbacks in health & fitness, career challenges, lack of mental clarity, unhealthy lifestyle, isolation and meaninglessness, cluttered life, unresolved trauma or other unfinished business.

Counselling for calm, coaching for clarity

counselling calm coaching clarity

Contact Sebastian to help you with psychological challenges, to improve structure or to regain and maintain healthy relationships.

With more than 12 years in counselling, coaching and therapy, Sebastian tailors interventions to enhance your inner balance and outer strength.

“Let’s invite calm and clarity back into your life and work!”

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couples therapy

Couples counselling for strong attachment

Safe attachment in a couple provides connection, protection and stress regulation. Unfortunately, attachment can suffer from emotional injuries, distancing and other negative patterns of interaction. Couples therapy enables us to grow together and as individuals.

Couples typically notice …
  • _reliving similar arguments
  • _communicating badly
  • _loss of connection and intimacy
  • _disappointments and resentments
  • _feeling hurt, betrayed or mistrusted
  • _echoing trauma and emotional injuries
  • _transitioning into new phases of life
  • _needing to rekindle their bond
Couples Therapy Conflict

As a counsellor and therapist Sebastian enables couples to tackle challenges as a two-person system. Leading the relationship by asking “what is good for us?”. He applies the latest knowledge of attachment theory, psychobiology and neuroscience.

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online therapy

Welcome to online therapy, coaching and counselling

Respectful caring relationships are the most vital way for us to restore and be well. Change takes place, when body and mind feel safe and understood one another. Online therapy, counselling and coaching addresses negative patterns of thought, emotion, behaviour and illness. Live video meetings immediately engage when we find ourselves stuck, overwhelmed, trapped or not good enough.

"My clients value an online connection with impeccable attunement, unconditional positive regard and care."

Sebastian Droesler

Using online meetings, live chats and video calls for therapy, counselling and coaching is the new normal. Find out more on the efficacy of online treatments in Sebastian’s recent blog article.

Online Meeting Therapy

Research shows that video therapy and online interventions are as effective as in-person meetings. Furthermore, for some clients the success rate is even higher when therapy sessions are conducted online.

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about Sebastian

Sebastian Droesler

Sebastian Droesler is a Counselling Psychologist, Life Coach and Certified Mindfulness Teacher who offers counselling, coaching, psychotherapy, leadership development and mindfulness training.

He is registered as a counsellor and psychotherapist with the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). He lives in Hong Kong, where he met his wife and found his calling.


Sebastian’s private practice welcomes adult clients of the open and active global population. His clients typically aim to regain healthy relationships, rewarding careers and meaningful lives. They see in Sebastian a professional and reliable partner.

They are based in Hong Kong, Singapore, Asia Pacific, Europe, Australia and worldwide.

Sebastian Droesler LifeCoach Counsellor
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