Jonathan L., Engineer, Surfer & Dancer

Sebastian is available and answers quickly. I came to him because I felt that I was stuck and that something was missing. Despite a comfortable situation, my life did not fit me – mostly professionally. I wanted to actively change.

During 5 months, we had 1-on-1 session every week or two. Thanks to a deep listening, wise questions, methods and approaches, he helped me identify my goals and make them clearer to me. He helped me to know more about myself, my core values and what really drives me.

By organizing my life around what really matter to me, I naturally changed my way to take decision and manage my time. Questions and reality were sometimes challenging but Sebastian did not push me. He let me process the information and find my own path. It was beyond my expectations since I took action fast.

I highly recommended Sebastian for those who want to be more aware of themselves and make significant changes in their life in a wise and efficient way.