Alexandre Besson, Director, Product Design and Development

Just turned 36, I felt trapped in a negative path after the loss of family members and people close to me. Everything was dragging me down …

I was also facing issues in my professional life, stress and financial pressure. Sebastian brought my awarness to the fact that I was in a depressed state of mind and helped me deal with it. He also guided me in getting back clarity of my Life Purpose. This therapy allowed me to reconnect with myself, pursue what is good for me and how to prevent and control different kinds of temptations which were distracting me from my goals.
Getting back clarity and control of my mind allows me to be more focused and efficient in work as well as in my personal life. I now analyse situations and obstacles in a more objective way. I make better choices, take constructive actions and turn them into something positive.
If you feel down, lost, sad or trapped either in your professional life or in your personal life, don’t waste a minute, contact Sebastian. Life is too short, better take action and help yourself as soon as possible.