My upcoming Events in Central Hong Kong

Check out the upcoming events for ambitious people with limited time. 
Increases attention and awareness helps us to be the way we want to be at work and with close ones. The focus training is 3-hr workshop to introduce you to simple practices and give answers to the most common challenges for your concentration, empathy and emotional balance. It’s meant to refresh your insight and understanding of how to train and maintain your attention throughout challenging days and long weeks.

Learn how to use simple and effective concentration practices to benefit from increased awareness in your daily actions and interactions. Understand and apply insight for mental strength and emotional balance.
Date: Saturday 4 June 2016
Location: Central Hong Kong
Facilitator: Sebastian Droesler
Cost: HKD350.-
Details & Registration: Just Focus

This men’s group enables men who want to address issues and phases of their lives in a group of likeminded others. This is a great opportunity to experience the benefits of a closed group within a shorter timeframe. You will learn to reflect and engage with yourself and others in a much more effective and effcient way. The group will produce an in-depth richness of stories and experiences.

Why purpose, feminine energy, nothingness and other men can inspire us and make us mad at times. How to resolve issues in relationships, at work and with yourself.
4x Wednesdays 1, 8, 15, 22 June 2016
Location: Central Hong Kong
Facilitator: Sebastian Droesler
Cost: HKD1600.-
Details & Registration: Men’s Group

Increased awareness and understanding of your ‘signature’ behaviour, perceptions and emotional responses in relationships helps us getting the love we want. This 3-hr workshop is for everyone who want to understand for her or himself the way he/she operates with partners or spouses. You will be able to find out how much power we have to change the way we interact. The chance to uproot fights and arguments fundamentally motivates each of us!

Workshop for individuals and couples who want to get a basic understanding of their relationship ‘style’ and how they can change to improve their relationship skills. Based on the Emotion Focused Therapy approach.
Date: Saturday 18 June 2016
Location: Central Hong Kong
Facilitator: Sebastian Droesler
Cost: HKD400.-
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