G.R.W. Managing Director, Restructuring, Turnaround & Transformation Industry

I have been working with Sebastian for about a year now, seeing him once each week for an hour. I sought out a professional to help me handle the collapse of my marriage and the subsequent impact that had on my professional life, family life, living situation, friendships, and finances. Sebastian has been invaluable in keeping my mind focused, my head above water, and my emotions in check throughout this turbulent period …

… I find Sebastian to be calm, professional, objective, witty, astute, and above all, mindful. He challenges me to face head-on the issues in my personal and professional life, and brings a charismatic clarity and long term perspective to my blind spots. Often he will state the obvious, which is exactly what I need to hear. At other times, we will enquire together to reveal an underlying disfunctional pattern or behaviour. Whatever it is we’re working on, I know I can count on Sebastian to be objective and thorough. In all my interactions with Sebastian, he has been mindful, caring, and a stand for my success and wellbeing. I highly recommend Sebastian and am happy to act as a reference for him.

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