Ayana & Nave

Our first year in Hong Kong was challenging for each of us individually, and the stress of dealing with our own challenges left us little energy to work on our relationship. We tried and tried but felt stuck. After trying to deal with these difficulties on our own, the frustration drove us to seek for help. Sebastian helped us learn how to express our emotions clearly to each other, and therefore to find where lies the difficulty. He helped us communicate better and understand each other better.

We both became more aware of each other’s emotional needs, and therefore the communication became gentler and smoother, which left us more time and energy to just enjoy each other. After several sessions with Sebastian in a couple of months’s time, we felt the great change in our relationship. Before, we spent lots of our time and energy to “deal with” or “solve” things in our relationship, now we spend them on loving and enjoying together.

Thank you so much for helping us learn and improve as partners and lovers – every hour with you had paid off big time.