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Sebastian’s Events Fall 2019

Explore my upcoming events and programs for personal growth.
Expand your skillset of dealing with people, politics, pressure, moods, depression and anxiety.
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FREE Orientation MBCT

Find out what the Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy program is about. Get to know the benefits, scientific research and program structure. Familiarise with the venue and fellow travellers.

Mindful Men’s Group

This group program empowers men in their journey through life. Choosing a path of greater self-awareness and ownership. Beginning or deepening the practice of mindfulness. Leaning into the challenges of masculine and feminine energy.

Mindfulness-based Cognitive Training

MBCT is a solid evidence-based program with an expansive body of scientific research. It combines Mindfulness Practices, as a way of being present in a non-judging manner, with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) as a way of becoming aware of and to prevent downward spirals and negative thinking patterns.


Expecting a baby or recently became a Dad? Do you have questions about labour, birth & life with a new baby? Join us for a casual yet informative Urban Dads event. Bringing expecting and new Dads together, over a drink to discuss typical and specific challenges.

Mixed Group anyone?

I have been approached a few too many times about facilitating a group of like-minded men and women in Hong Kong. This group will follow a similar setting and topics to my men’s groups.

Here I want to know if you were interested to join?
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Free Lunchtime Practice

Weekly meditation practice session with teacher-guided exercises. This group is open to the community of mindfulness programme graduates as well as beginners interested in mindfulness practice.

The Friday weekly sessions are offered free of charge.
No reservations are required