Flow Experience through Conscious Dance

“Will I experience flow state during these dance events?” He smiled at me or at my question. His eyes became bright and gentle and he nodded “Yes”. I was too impatient to hear the second and last word he said. “Maybe”.

Freely adapted from Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi: Flow cannot magically inject speed, fitness or skill into your dancing life – those take hard work. Flow is not a short-cut, it’s an outgrowth and inherent reward stemming from the commitment to do something right.

Flow can do many things. It can heighten the enjoyment you experience during a dance. It can enhance your performance by filtering out distractions, improving focus and strengthening the mind-body connection – merging action and awareness. Moreover, flow can bring you back to the dance-floor.

This is about a group of dancers practicing a weekly meditation in movement. Welcoming newcomers to enjoy dancing to curated music on a spacious hardwood dance floor in the heart of Hong Kong Island.

Absolutely suited to beginners, this practice has no specific steps to follow and pressures no one to perform. We encourage you to dance your own dance.

You will have ample time to warm up in the calm setting that has been prepared for you. A brief guided introduction gives way to freeform expression. Participants dance on their own and join with others as spirit or flow moves them.

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing and be prepared to dance barefoot or with footwear designed exclusively for the dance floor. No street shoes or socks are permitted.

Our facilitators, Flo and Thomas Vinton, have been practicing conscious dance regularly for 10 years and teaching arts-related activities for a quarter century.

Our next session will be October 8 for Buddies. Do you remember times when you were a kid dancing freely with your brother, sister, cousin or friend and moving through imaginary worlds full of laughter and silliness. Well for our next session, you are invited to bring a buddy who will receive complimentary entry. There will be surprises.

Dance Hong Kong with Muse Circle PAGE

Conscious Dance Mondays EVENT


Dance Concept, 7th Floor, Great Smart Tower, 230 Wan Chai Road

Wan Chai, Hong Kong

2018 Remaining Dates

MONDAYS October 8, 22, 29 and November 5, 12, 19, 26


Set of 4 Classes $1000 – Single class $300.

Please let us know if cost is ever an issue so that we may make special arrangements with you.

Leaving The Shire. And the burrow.

Located in the hilly land of Central Earth, Sebastian greets many visitors from near and far in his practice for Counselling and Psychotherapy. Many loved his cozy cavelike practice. Soon this burrow will not be suitable anymore to equally welcome the various creatures on the island: the Lan, the Kwai and the Fong …

“From January 2018 Sebastian will welcome you in his new office in Lan Kwai Fong.
The new place will feature even more space, even higher ceilings, even more daylight and even more seating choices. Just like your smartphone – lots of features are not necessary, but become quickly hard to renounce.”

In order to provide you with brighter and broader service Sebastian will move to a new office space – only a few meters away from the old address. The new address will also be in downtown Lan Kwai Fong, but closer to the MTR and Queen’s Road Central:

Unit 1302
13/F Tak Woo House
1-3 Wo On Lane
Lan Kwai Fong, Central
Hong Kong

Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 12.54.21

With the best services for mental health in mind, this place is designed to reduce stress and increase emotional balance. As usual Sebastian welcomes individuals and couples who want to work on their mental well-being and their relationships. People from around the world, who aspire to better cope with life and at work or who want to overcome anger, sadness, depression and anxiety.

Like a bird’s nest, the new practice is a protected and homey area – high up in the branches of Hong Kong’s architecture, with space for more dynamic techniques and approaches to couples counselling and more room for individual development.

Women’s Group in Hong Kong – Enriching Relationships

Over the past few years I have often been asked about women’s groups. Sometimes I have even been asked why I am not running women’s groups.

Therefore I am delighted to help promote a group that Is dedicated to women only and with the focus of making relationships more meaningful and fulfilling. If you have any friends who you think may be interested, please forward the link to them and ask them to get in touch with one of the facilitators directly.

Kay, Leonie and Claire have designed an approach that caters for individual needs as well as it leverages the power and support of a committed group. The Enriching Relationships Group is a 6-week group process designed to help you gain a deeper connection with yourself and the confidence to build more fulfilling and harmonious relationships.

Based on Imago Relationship Therapy, Attachment Theory and Neuroscience, you will explore past relationships, patterns of behaviour and barriers within yourself that have influenced your expectations of, and reaction to, others

Using creative and inspiring experiential exercises and mindful practices in a safe, supportive and confidential environment you will gain a deeper understanding and acceptance of yourself. You will also develop practical ways to make changes and enrich your relationships in the future.
Participants need to have a sufficient level of emotional awareness and regulation to function in a group setting and will ideally have some experience of therapy or be willing to see a therapist during the process.

  • The 6 week process, will be held in Central
  • Wednesday evenings from 28 Sept to 2 Nov 2016
  • Time: 6.30 pm – 9.30 pm
  • Will be led by experienced Imago relationship therapists Claire Smyth, Kay Hunter and Leonie Romeo
  • Participants will be limited to 8 and are requested to commit to all sessions
The course fee is $7500
  • Registration (with deposit of HK2000) by 9 September, 2016.

For enquiries and registration please email:  kaymac99 at netvigator dot com

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” Rumi