Here is a list of international publications on mindful ways to enhance your life in many different but very mindful ways. Each of these sources looks into typical issues of our modern lifestyle: the need to DO, electronic distractions, attention deficit, multitasking and many more.
You will also find mental strategies and tips to change your thinking which help you tackle your day-to-day challenges in better ways – less mental and emotional energy consuming.
In my Lan Kwai Fong practice I teach, explain and help you apply a huge repertoire of strategies, techniques and tools to harness the merit of mindfulness. In my upcoming courses and learning groups on Lyndhurst Terrace Central Hong Kong Island I will introduce the basics of mindful living for beginners and refreshers as well as the science behind WILLPOWER. Click here for more information and updates!

I hope you find below helpful and enjoy the reading, Sebastian.

Mindful Magazine: Are you addicted to doing?

Strategy Driven: Be more productive now – mindful strategies for increasing performance

American Management Association: 5 strategies to overcome busyness and enhance performance

Berkeley University: Greater Good Science Center: How to thrive in the attention economy

800 CEO Reads: 5 mantras for mindful leadership

Manager Mojo interview: One second is all you need to become focused 

Investors Business Daily: mindfulness practice increases executive results

Wharton Business School / Princeton University: Five ways to use mindfulness to manage your email

Forbes.com8 ways to enhance your work performance with focus

Vault.commindfulness training tips google nike and microsoft use

Odgers Bernson Observe Magazine: mind the game

Irish Times: Review of “One Second Ahead”

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