Life in Balance

Your goals are not your values. Goals can be set, ticked off or put on a shelf as a trophy. They are achievements, moments, possessions. You can’t live them as such. Your values can be lived. They are what you represent. Like an energy radiating out of you. Owning a yacht is a goal. Sailing is a value. You can look back onto your life and say “I owned a yacht” or “I sailed the oceans”. That might be quite a different experience and also a very different perspective.

The more you live according to your own values in life, the more you will succeed in finding your Life Balance. Having found your purpose in life is the ultimate realization of living according to your values. Your purpose also incorporates your talent, passion and strengths.

You might want to become Head of Department, own a company or give a speech in the park. These are all goals. You might also want to give joy and happiness to people around you, inspire others and want to be known for promoting healthy living. All values. While you are living these values you might be able to achieve to own a company or become a leader or give a speech in public.
Transitions in life often prove difficult and lengthy. In order to find your purpose in life you need to overcome your biggest fears, eliminate your favorite distractions and face your dominant concerns. 

Is your job your purpose? Or is your job your calling? Or is purpose something else – nothing to do with work?
Why would that even make any difference? Is your purpose “Having a family and providing for it”?

I am happy to show you the benefits of asking these questions.