MY NON-ANIMATED WEBSITE – for your benefit!

A friend of mine recently asked me, why I don’t update my website. I was taken aback as I thought my site was down or not displaying the content I had up and running the way I remembered it to be. I went online to check if I could still find my professional profile as a counselling psychologist. Yes. Could potential clients still find that I am offering psychotherapy for individuals and relationship counselling for couples? yes.
So I called my friend back and told him that there is nothing wrong with my online presentation. He then said that he thought I needed a re-vamp in layout and functionality of the site. I thought about this and came to a clear conclusion: No, I do not need to animate my website and enable social media connectivity, live-chat, currency exchange converter, weather forecast or webcam of the basil growing on my kitchen sill (well, let me think again about the latter!).
As you have probably noticed by now, my website is not animated. There are no moving framed, spinning images or changes in background colour and wallpaper motives. There is no pop-up window that asks you in a 10-seconds interval if you want to subscribe to my newsletter – no matter how often you click “No thanx”. There is no advertisement that you have to watch for a few seconds before you reach the content that you actually wanted to see. No such thing. My website is a very conservative – yeah boring – website.
Thank you very much,
Please refer to the video below to assure yourself what can happen with too much animated information on your screen!