Guided Bodyscan Meditation

Going into a guided body scan meditation. Holding the intention to explore sensations in the body as they arise. Doing so by placing and moving attention throughout the body.

Guided Bodyscan Meditation MBCT

“… Taking a few moments to settle in. Lying down on your back on the floor, on a mat or on a bed. Or allowing yourself to sit up on a chair or a cushion if that is more available to you.

Bringing attention to the body where it makes contact. Perhaps noticing sensations of pressure, heaviness, lightness or no sensation.

Bringing awareness to the entire body: front, back, to the sides and everything between. Maybe feeling calmness, tension, ease or restlessness. The task is simply to notice and pay attention to the body as it is – right now, in this moment.

Now bringing attention to Breathing. Wherever the breath presents itself most dominantly, most vividly. Making this the focus of your attention.

On an out breath, now letting the breath reside in the background and on an in breath moving attention to the back, the sides and the top of the head. Noticing any body sensations as they present themselves here. Sensations can be warmth, dryness, tingling, heaviness or pressure. You may notice to register a blank, no sensation or numbness. Then simply noticing that.

Whenever attention is being pulled, the mind wanders – noticing where it went and then gently escorting it back to the focus. Here, the back, the sides and the top of your head.

Mini Retreat for Maximum Silence

Can you be silent for one day?
Introduction to Qi Gong, Tai Chi & mindfulness practices
Sunday 1st march 2015 9am – 3pm

CropDOSImagine a day without emails, phone calls, computer screens and social media. Not even talking. Instead you will be walking, sitting, standing, resting and eating with yourself and in a group of likeminded people.
You will learn to be mindful and experience the settling of your mind while following guided Qi Gong, Tai Chi and other foundational mindfulness practices.
In addition you can try an easy to apply device which measures the outcome of your mental workout. For free. Ha!
Venue: Central HK & Hong Kong Botanical Gardens. Cost: HKD 280.- to cover room & lunch. RSVP with Sebastian

Guided introduction to Qi gong & Tai chi
Various guided mindfulness Practices
Outdoor walking and sitting (depending on the weather)
Delicious Vegetarian lunch from Pure veggie house
Green and relaxing surrounding

Stanley Cheung is a Traditional Chinese Practitioner who graduated with a Master degree from Chengdu TCM University in China, and has been an accomplished Tai Chi Quen and Qi Kung Master for more than 20 years.
Sebastian Droesler is a Counselling Psychologist and Life Coach. As a mindfulness facilitator he trained in Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction, Cultivating Emotional Balance and studied Early Buddhism at HKU.