Working with Individuals

Sebastian offers high quality counselling, coaching and psychotherapy. He integrates cutting edge psychology, neuroscience, affect regulation and personality assessment and tailors traditional interventions and modern treatment methods to enable well-being, increase performance, grow potential and develop personality.

Sebastian’s approach to coaching helps you to achieve higher levels of satisfaction and growth at work and in your personal life. The aim is often to assess and overcome unhelpful patterns of thinking and behaviour as well as profoundly understanding one’s values and driving forces in life.

As a counselling client you might find that…

  • your mood and your performance has changed
  • you are stressed, stuck or unstable
  • you feel depressed, nerveless or irritable
  • you are anxious, overly concerned or experience panic
  • you act angrily, short tempered or impatient
  • you sense that some unfinished business needs to be addressed
  • you want to confide, confess or confirm what matters to you
  • you are unhappy, unfulfilled or unfaithful in your relationship
  • you are facing obsessive thoughts or compulsive behaviours
  • you are rigid, perfectionistic and unable to waste time
  • you lead an unhealthy lifestyle, feel unrest or sleep badly

As a coaching client you might find that …

  • your performance would benefit from a sustainable boost
  • you are running low on self-esteem, self-worth and self-trust
  • your career needs progression or calibration
  • your life-balance is at stake or out of sync
  • you need to refresh the confidence you have in yourself
  • your priorities are changing in life
  • you lost sight of who you are at work and as a person
  • you crave tuning in with your values and motivators
  • you are lacking calling, purpose, meaning and fulfilment

For purpose of your personal growth and leadership development Sebastian is certified in the use and interpretation of Hogan Personality Profiles and Assessments. Hogan is a leading personality assessment and as such used by some of the largest companies including over half of the Fortune 500. Read more in Sebastian’s approach to coaching …