I found it difficult to sit still for more than a minute before my mindfulness sessions with Sebastian. He taught me how to meditate in a way that was engaging and kept me interested. I learned something new every session and enjoyed his teaching style a lot!

Dervla Louli, Media Managing Editor Hong Kong

I am not passing people anymore. People now pass me.

Joost F, Hotelier

Some time has passed since we last met and I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you so much. I had always been very reluctant to seek counselling- mostly to do with shame- but I would actually look forward to our sessions. You made it all so natural and friendly. I […]


Our first year in Hong Kong was challenging for each of us individually, and the stress of dealing with our own challenges left us little energy to work on our relationship. We tried and tried but felt stuck. After trying to deal with these difficulties on our own, the frustration drove us to seek for […]

Ayana & Nave

The mindful men’s group provided me a space to share, explore and develop ideas about living well. It was not only supportive and uplifting, but useful on many levels. I’d recommend it without hesitation.

Ben L, Market Maker

I looked forward to our weekly meetings. Each session was challenging, revealing and uplifitng and helped me to better understand myself and those around me. Most importantly, the sessions were fun and engaging. Highly recommended.

Scott, Lawyer

I have participated in both of the last two men’s groups with Sebastian and returned because of the level comradery I’ve experienced. Under Sebastian’s guidance, it’s great to meet guys who are both so similar, yet so different, to me in many ways, and find common ground as we explore the challenges we face in […]

Steve, 42, Medical Communications Manager

I have been working with Sebastian for about a year now, seeing him once each week for an hour. I sought out a professional to help me handle the collapse of my marriage and the subsequent impact that had on my professional life, family life, living situation, friendships, and finances. Sebastian has been invaluable in […]

G.R.W. Managing Director, Restructuring, Turnaround & Transformation Industry

I worked with Sebastian on a 1-1 basis and then joined a men’s group as I went through a divorce.Through his counselling I became more aware as a person, with a greater understanding of mine and other people’s behaviour. I feel the benefits of my counselling both personally and professionally every day.

Nigel, Vice President, Finance, JP Morgan, Hong Kong and New York

Just turned 36, I felt trapped in a negative path after the loss of family members and people close to me. Everything was dragging me down … I was also facing issues in my professional life, stress and financial pressure. Sebastian brought my awarness to the fact that I was in a depressed state of […]

Alexandre Besson, Director, Product Design and Development

The Mindful Men Group offered a unique escape from the usual stressful work and social life particularly in Hong Kong. Under Sebastians thoughtful facilitation a trusted group of friends was formed. A journey towards increased self awareness and ownership while also receiving very practical and relevant advice. It was time truly well spent!

Paul, Consultant

“I joined the Mindful Men group without really knowing what to expect and I enjoyed every single moment of it. This was a unique experience allowing me to take breaks from HK crazy life and to share my personal challenges in a totally safe, respectful and fun environment. Sebastian gathered a group from all different […]

Pascal D. 35