Relationship Skills: Change your life, not your wife!

Relationship issues are sometimes cause and sometimes effect. You feeling stressed and dissatisfied often has several reasons. You might feel that you don’t get enough out of your intimate relationship with your loved one. Or you might go through a breakup or recovery from it. 
Under any circumstances it helps to learn about yourself and to acquire skills that make you a better partner in your current relationship or any future one. What is love? Most people seek intimacy, commitment and passion in the attachment with their partner.
We are together as couples for an emotional bond, caring and safety. We are also together for affection and desire. And we seek continuity and loyalty often interpreted as exclusivity. Dissatisfaction often arises in the conflict zone of passion vs. companionship.

We are NOT together to pursue agendas against each other and consciously dedicate our togetherness to misery. You have spent some time with your partner. There is attachment, there is or was intimacy and desire.

There is a love map that connects the two of you. That means there is a deeper understanding and sharing of who you are and of whom you are with. You know each other fairly well and you share some part of life’s journey. Before giving this up, you want to understand where you get stuck and what goes wrong when you fight about things that matter to you.
The knowledge of how you see yourself and your partner in the relationship enables you to better comprehend your behaviour. The analysis of your communication is based on disecting your interaction.
I will work with you on how to define what a secure bond means to you and how to make it happen with your loved one. The current one or the future one. That might be the same person.

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