Expats affected by anxiety and phobia

In any given year around 20 percent of all expats around the world experience periods of some sort of anxiety disorder including panic attacks, PTSD, social anxiety, phobias, fear of intimacy and obsessive-compulsive behaviour. The expat lifestyle and working environment often comes with lots of change and uncertainty on top of performance pressure and high workloads. Many experience that the demand of things to handle exceeds their capacity to handle and process. They accrue stress. Accrued stress over time leads to anxiety.

Anxiety is often an outcome of NOT dealing with stress. Suppressing or avoiding unpleasant thoughts and behaviours often lead to more stress. More stress leads to more anxiety.

My work with you represents an integrated approach of strategies, education and step-by-step procedures. I apply Cognitive-Behavior Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness. With anxiety and phobia in particular, you need to address all levels affected in your SELF: thinking, sensing, experiencing, doing, being and feeling.

In order for you to succeed, we will look at your problem from all angles. This most likely encompasses your beliefs, standards, attitude, behaviour, self-image including esteem and confidence, relationships, personal and spiritual meaning, commitment and motivation.

Ultimately my job is to help you explore and redefine your life with regard to how you want to live and what you want to achieve. Together we will put measures in place that enable you to reduce your avoidance and safety strategies. You will claim back freedom and happiness in your life. We will also identify the triggers and stimuli that cause fearful reactions and enable you to participate more in life safely and socially. Lastly we will mindfully change how you perceive and interpret your world. 
You can expect from me to be a knowledgable teacher for relaxation, a skillful facilitator in mindfulness and a certified therapist with the experience and toolset to guide you through all interventions professionally and with dedication.

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