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Welcome to online therapy, coaching and counselling

Respectful caring relationships are the most vital way for us to restore and be well. Change takes place, when body and mind feel safe and understood one another. Online therapy, counselling and coaching addresses negative patterns of thought, emotion, behaviour and illness. Live video meetings immediately engage when we find ourselves stuck, overwhelmed, trapped or not good enough.

"My clients value an online connection with impeccable attunement, unconditional positive regard and care."

Sebastian Droesler

Using online meetings, live chats and video calls for therapy, counselling and coaching is the new normal. Find out more on the efficacy of online treatments in Sebastian’s recent blog article.

Research shows that video therapy and online interventions are as effective as in-person meetings. Furthermore, for some clients the success rate is even higher when therapy sessions are conducted online.

Remote yet closely connected

Live online meetings are a safe and convenient way to your well-being. Telehealth has increased tremendously over the past few years due to advantages in technology, accessibility, efficiency and flexibility. Online live sessions are best suited for counselling and coaching of adults and for couples therapy.

The brain is a social organ, developed and changed in interactions with other brains.

Linda Graham, MFT

The practical upsides are convenience, easy access and saving time. Online services nowadays are secure and confidential. You can arrange for it from any safe place, like your home, an office or car and even when you are outdoors with privacy. Contact Sebastian directly for enquiries!

Human connection for healing and change

Sebastian offers live sessions and video therapy. Depending on your needs and style, he occasionally adds psycho-educational material, counselling worksheets, life coaching techniques and mindfulness wisdom to his working with you.

Online life sessions

How does it work?

My online therapy and counselling is a complete offering of live sessions. Contact me directly and I will accommodate your schedule as soon as possible. I typically respond within 24hrs.

Our first appointment will be an initial intake consultation in which we lay out what you want to achieve. We then define an agenda for our working online.

The timeline of each counselling, coaching and therapy process depends can only be determined individually. However, my clients often report noticeable improvements within the first few sessions of our working together.

Online therapy suitability for clients

Can you benefit from live sessions online?

Your case qualifies for online coaching, counselling and therapy when you are ready to talk, reflect and regulate with professional support. Online sessions help to analyse your situation and to expand your awareness around pressure-points.

While online live sessions are suitable for all counselling and coaching, it is particularly helpful for anyone for whom any commute would be stressful. This can be the case for adults dealing with anxiety, trauma and depression.

Please contact me directly if you have questions regarding your situation! I want to empower you to better take care of yourself and increase well-being.

Interview Sebastian – How has the counselling practice changed?

Sebastian’s training in online therapy and coaching

Why working online with Sebastian?

Sebastian is a licensed and vetted online therapist. He has specifically trained in online therapy approaches for individuals and couples. His clients seek his professional support as an online Life Coach, Counsellor and Therapist.

He helps solving your stress-related issues, improves your relationships skills, helps you cope with anxiety, depression or trauma and teaches you how to manage yourself better. Find here a list of typical cases LINK read more.

Interview Sebastian – Online Therapy Coaching and Counselling

Worldwide locations for online-therapy, counselling & coaching

Sebastian’s international clients value his personal and direct style and his gentle and positive attitude. His boutique-like online practice invites people from around the world who support independence and seek impeccable attunement.


Many clients use my online services – coaching, counselling and therapy – based in Singapore. In my experience people working in Singapore are ambitious, international, open-minded, well-educated and easy-going.

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They appreciate that I am Asia-based, have 12 years of experience working with expats and a global cross-section of cultural backgrounds, including but not limited to Singaporean, Malaysian, Chinese, Indian and European.

Typical Singapore-based clients are managers of international corporations’ hubs and headquarters, family offices, trading and logistics or entrepreneurs in technology and web-services. They all appreciate working with me hassle-free in the same time-zone.


I have Zoom meetings with clients around Asia. You might be an entrepreneur or corporate manager located in one the vibrant cities of Asia, like Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai, Bangkok, Jakarta, Manila, Hanoi, Kuala Lumpur or Taipei.

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You might be working in a leather factory in Vietnam, an insurance in Japan, an international organisation in Thailand, an automotive plant in Malaysia or in Healthcare in Indonesia. You will appreciate live coaching and counselling with my personal yet professional style and care.

The 1hr time difference gives us plenty of flexibility to work within your parameters. You will benefit from the convenience of video calls and not waste time in traffic.

Australia & NZ

My Ozzie & Kiwi clients often appreciate that I graduated from Monash university. They feel understood in the way I can relate to their lifestyle and often multi-cultured relationships or second gen immigrant family backgrounds.

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With only 2-3 hours time difference it is always possible to find a suitable time for an online live meeting.

Typical clients for whom I provide online therapy in Australia are: an agricultural entrepreneur in Tasmania, an academic in Melbourne, a broker in Brisbane, an investment banker in Sydney, a wine-maker in Barossa Valley (where I went to high-school in 1988) and a visual artist in Perth.


Online counselling for Dubai. Telehealth for people who live and work in Dubai and need an experienced international and English-speaking expat counsellor.


English-speaking therapist, registered counsellor and Life Coach. Adult clients living and working in Europe: Paris, Brussels, Barcelona, Lisbon, Madrid, Rome, Geneva, Zurich, Den Haag, Amsterdam, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Warsaw, Budapest, Prague.

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