Mindfulness Challenge January 2020

The mindfulness challenge is a series of guided mindfulness meditations. The live practices will air in realtime for you to join anywhere. Sebastian is a certified mindfulness teacher and will host the sessions.

This little challenge is meant to support your personal mindfulness practice for a good start into the new year. Once registered for free you can join as many of the nine sessions offered as you can. It’s worthwhile registering even if you can only make one of the sessions.

  • Each session is 20′ in duration
  • First week runs at 15:30 on Tue, Wed and Thu
  • Second week runs at 13:30 on Tue, Wed and Thu
  • Third week runs at 08:30am on Tue, Wed and Thu
  • You can dial-in from anywhere – outdoors or indoors.

For easy online access to the MINDFULNESS CHALLENGE please install ZOOM video conferencing on your devices.


Please note that payment is not needed: simply click “pay later” ( as in “next life”)

However, you can challenge me for charity: click “pay now” (as in credit cardito) If you pay HKD198 and make it to at least 8 of the 9 sessions, I will match your contribution and donate to a Hong Kong-based charity before the Rat embarrasses the Pig again.

When registered, you will receive:

  • A confirmation email
  • A reminder email for each session
  • A secure LINK to dial in for each session

Looking forward to meditate with you in a gentle community,