Personal Coaching – Life Facilitation

Coaching Psychologist Psychotherapist Counsellor PsychotherapyMy target is to enable you to achieve higher levels of productivity and growth at work and in your personal life.

Get in touch with me if you find that …

  • your performance and self-esteem would benefit from a sustainable boost
  • your career needs progression or calibration
  • your life-balance is at stake or out of sync
  • you need to refresh the confidence you have in yourself and your professional stamina
  • your priorities are changing and values, calling, purpose, meaning and fulfillment gained importance

I promote Coaching as solution-focused positive learning. Your energy is in the present. The insight you gain and the skills you develop in the here and now will wil help you to manage your relationships and keep you focused on your targets.

“… I was devastated. Instead of reassuring my grandiosity, the video revealed an underwhelming performance and an abundance of room for improvement. However, a few days later I was surprised with how much humour I could actually talk about my experience … I now had something to work on. Myself.” 

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You will set future goals and tap your inner resources to generate improvements in all areas of your life including: social & business performance, progression at work and in personal life, assessment of strength and weaknesses, life-balance, relationship management, business development, decision making, confidence & assertiveness, getting-things-done and accelerated adjustment to change.

Together we will define a plan of action:

  • Assessment of your reality today and your goals and aspirations for the future
  • Breakdown of your challenges to be matched with workable strategies
  • Implementation of your execution which builds the crucial part of your process
  • Review of your progress and difficulties on an ongoing basis

My approach to coaching requires a high level of self involvement. Keeping focused is key to succeeding and meeting goals in a short time frame. This way of working is not for everyone but it will suit ambitious people who are ready to enter into the process with open eyes and an appetite to learn and to share. It is also ideal for those who possess pliable self-awareness.

You can benefit from my services in face to face sessions which are held in my discrete office, located in the Cosmos Building in the heart of Lan Kwai Fong, Central Hong Kong. I am also happy to work with you online via Videocall.