• F R I E N D L Y R E M I N D E R - This is to remind you of the following upcoming events Free Intro & Orientation to Mindfulness-based Cognitive Training next Sat 21 Sep at 11:00am Urban Dads Event on Thursday 19 Sep at 6:30pm MBCT program starting on Sat 19 October at 2pm
  • Keeping your Sense of Ease - Explore my upcoming events and programs for personal growth. Expand your skillset of dealing with people, politics, pressure, moods, depression and anxiety.
  • Marital Analysis – self-test intended - In my counselling work with individuals and couples my clients often address their closest committed relationships. Amongst them are typically marriage, parent/children, partnerships, siblings and friendships. When I ask people to describe the way they relate to each other, I hear for example “loving”, “explosive”, “happy”, “disciplined”, “authoritarian” or “caring”. And while we could leave … Continue reading Marital Analysis – self-test intended
  • Dealing with grief and bereavement beyond counselling - Griefcast is a podcast about grief and death. Every week, it’s a tender and very human discussion about the pain, confusion, and often downright weird and awkwardness of death.
  • Men Hong Kong Lost connections: Male bonds. - Leaning into the challenges with masculine and feminine energy. Men can be a bit guilty of not taking care of their emotional health... Joining a men's group can be a great step to reconnect with yourself and other men outside your usual circles.
  • Relationship Trauma. Reliving your parents’ issues. - Witnessing a parent being unfaithful can be deeply traumatic for a child and still later on for the then adult. ...seeing actions as selfish, with suspicion and anxiety ...
  • Brexit Yoga: Feel the stretch - unnervingly accurate and humorous summary of the delicate political situation in times of struggle with acceptance
  • Movie Nature versus Nurture Triplets Three Identical Strangers – movie tip - The film illustrates the life and destiny of three men in their personal experience of being reunited in their late teens. However, the film also introduces us to bigger topics of scientific, moral and societal importance. Namely the thirst for scientific progress with regard to heredity of intelligence, character, personality and mental illness.
  • traps of life in hong kong 5 most typical psycho-traps for men in Hong Kong - Many men are trying to do what is demanded of them, while leering at a future of independence and loosing themselves in the process. They hold on to jobs, projects or desires for too long.
  • Improve your emotional balance in the New Year! - This solidly designed program was particularly designed for people who know themselves having periods of depressed mood, downward spirals of anxiety and recurring negative thinking patterns.

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