• Relationship Trauma. Reliving your parents’ issues. - Witnessing a parent being unfaithful can be deeply traumatic for a child and still later on for the then adult. ...seeing actions as selfish, with suspicion and anxiety ...
  • Brexit Yoga: Feel the stretch - unnervingly accurate and humorous summary of the delicate political situation in times of struggle with acceptance
  • Movie Nature versus Nurture Triplets Three Identical Strangers – movie tip - The film illustrates the life and destiny of three men in their personal experience of being reunited in their late teens. However, the film also introduces us to bigger topics of scientific, moral and societal importance. Namely the thirst for scientific progress with regard to heredity of intelligence, character, personality and mental illness.
  • traps of life in hong kong 5 most typical psycho-traps for men in Hong Kong - Many men are trying to do what is demanded of them, while leering at a future of independence and loosing themselves in the process. They hold on to jobs, projects or desires for too long.
  • Improve your emotional balance in the New Year! - This solidly designed program was particularly designed for people who know themselves having periods of depressed mood, downward spirals of anxiety and recurring negative thinking patterns.
  • Oh Please! - “And?” I asked “that seems to be a nice gesture and good team spirit. But where is your element of control here and your influencing the turn of events?” She replied impatiently “Isn’t that obvious? Of course I only proposed ...
  • New Year’s Resolutions will fail 5 Reasons why New Year’s resolutions fail - Why is it, that change seems so difficult to implement and what’s more - to make it last? In my work with clients I come across the following five reasons that make change very difficult and often impossible to happen.
  • Flow and open awareness – Do we need it? - Where is the open awareness in flow? ...Taking the aperture and depth of field analogy into account, any flow experience then must mean to be an experience with more potent sensors
  • Now until December! Free Lunchtime Practice - This is an exceptional offer - well suited for anyone who wants to finally make time and space to benefit from an ongoing group practice. Use it!
  • Urban Dads or alive - Join us for a fun but informative evening where we will discuss the challenges of being an expecting and new Dad over a drink. Our panel for the night will include Sofie Jacobs, qualified Midwife and founder at Urban Hatch

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