• Flow and open awareness – Do we need it? - Where is the open awareness in flow? ...Taking the aperture and depth of field analogy into account, any flow experience then must mean to be an experience with more potent sensors
  • Now until December! Free Lunchtime Practice - This is an exceptional offer - well suited for anyone who wants to finally make time and space to benefit from an ongoing group practice. Use it!
  • Urban Dads or alive - Join us for a fun but informative evening where we will discuss the challenges of being an expecting and new Dad over a drink. Our panel for the night will include Sofie Jacobs, qualified Midwife and founder at Urban Hatch
  • Flow Experience through Conscious Dance - Absolutely suited to beginners, this practice has no specific steps to follow and pressures no one to perform. We encourage you to dance your own dance.
  • 10 Learnings from Detox Fasting - All the fantasies about food (i.e. french fries) that had persistently occupied my mind during the fasting week, e v a p o r a t e d ones I started eating again.
  • Spoken Retreat, non-silent non-smoking - After many years of attending shorter and longer silent retreats, I came across an invitation to a spoken retreat and spontaneously registered myself because I was curious to find out what to expect. The brochure said “A spoken retreat follows the structure and format of most silent retreats with the main exception being, that the […]
  • Zero Tolerance – The pros and cons of rigidity - We had such positive changes in lifestyle so there was no way we were going back to previous nutritional and lifestyle choices.
  • Inspire Wellness Talks - Inspire Wellness is a 6 part series of lectures exploring the effects of lifestyle on our health
  • mellow, more mellow, marshmallow - self control or delayed gratification is an important character building tool for success
  • Leaving The Shire. And the burrow. - From January 2018 Sebastian will welcome you in his new office in Lan Kwai Fong.

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