• Job snobbery – is success materialistic? - careers dominate our lives so much that we have created more stress and anxiety than ever before
  • Experience vs. Memory – How your mind trims your happiness - The experience and remembering self-work together as Mr Kahneman shows in this Ted talk with diagrams that depict patients' real time experiences and what they remember after a procedure.
  • Pop Stress - First, change your mindset in order to experience stress as your body's way to prepare you for the challenge. Second, help and care for others in order to manage the risk of death due to stress.
  • Tropical Depression - Your emotional baggage of sadness, anger, frustration and self-pity reacts inevitably with this fragrant and sultry Mos Eisley like chemicals.
  • Borderline-Narcissistic Couples – why so much drama and attraction? - Personality disorders occur along dimensions of behavioual, emotional and cognitive characteristics. A person can be evaluated as ranking higher or lower on a continuum (i.e. spontaneity: from boringly and routinelike sticking to plans to being overly impulsive and unpredictable). There is no clear cut to decide if someone is a certain way or not. We […]
  • Why we procrastinate and what to do about it. - Procrastination leads to negative results and can negatively impact yourself and your environment and your relationships. So why do we procrastinate? According to Tim Urban, blogger and speaker on psychological shortcomings says we tend to gear ourselves to instant gratification. We tend to get on a habitual cycle of putting it off, avoiding a deadline […]
  • Couples Skill Building with Alain De Botton - Here is a nice read . For 200 Hong Kong Dollar I bought Alain De Botton’s latest Novel and found it entertaining, therapeutic and insightful. Well worth a read for anyone in a committed relationship with many references to marital counselling, relationship skill building and couples therapy. De Botton describes a marriage over the course […]
  • Upcoming Events in 2017 - Eli Buren will teach two trainings in Hong Kong in April 2017
  • COUPLEMENTARY episode three - Previously on couplementary: HE wanted to bring up his dissatisfaction with her and expected some sort of an acknowledgement. HE yielded HER anger and the situation escalated. Usually when we achieve the opposite of what we intended, we get annoyed. Very annoyed. From the outside and with a little distance these are often situations that […]
  • This is the story of two people who turn into foxes and what happens after that … - In this video we can observe developmental stages of a relationship – symbiosis, differentiation and practicing. Two people who like each other enter into a prolonged state of symbiosis – here artfully outlined and animated as the transformation of both partners into foxes. Their different likes, character traits and pastimes are highlighted shortly only to […]

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