• Awareness of Breathing. The antidote to living in our heads. - The breath as a symbol as well as the direct observation of the arising and passing of experience. The antidote to living in our heads. Helping to develop a skillset of attention.
  • Fact is, you are getting the job done. Are we accepting the upsides of the corona vibe? - And yet, business continues. Certainly not as usual, but seemingly far from disaster. More of my clients are casually dressed, quite some book appointments as business trips have been cancelled, work arrangements allow for flexibility and BCP’s are now effective. Many report to to be able to slow down, re-think priorities and core contributions, work more efficiently, finding time for family and self-care.
  • Guided Bodyscan Meditation - Going into a guided body scan meditation. Holding the intention to explore sensations in the body as they arise. Doing so by placing and moving attention throughout the body.
  • How to find the right online coach, video counsellor or virtual therapist for e-consultations. - Modern technology makes it easy and accessible to keep healthy routines of self-care. Online counselling offers advantages in flexibility, efficiency and mobility. It offers a broad range of suitability, but also has it's limitations. Many people can benefit from online consultation services via video call, phone sessions or text messaging and chat.
  • 12 thoughts for food and how to implement scientific facts into everyday life - Dietary needs are similar to attachment needs - there are universal fundamentals, but each individual has unique characteristics and requirements. Just like we flourish with love and safety, we need the right energy for growth and to age well. Here are some practical tips
  • Sebastian’s Events in Q1 2020 - I wish we could transition into a brand new year as if waving a magic wand - letting the inconvenient and disruptive things disappear. However, we will face challenges in 2020. So, shall we question our priorities? Yes. Reallocating time to health and resilience.
  • Investing in yourself is the biggest gift to your loved ones - Each individual's emotion regulation map is unique. The first step to noticeable results is to map and understand in detail what your individual system-triangle looks like. The next - and most important - step is to implement sustainable improvements. It is recommended to address both steps with professional and emotionally safe support.
  • Is a “healing separation” the same as a “relationship detox”? - Some couples are genuinely invested in their loving long-term commitment, but get pulled into mutual suffocation, disappointment and poisonous energy that often also bleeds into family and friends. Like a nuclear power plant without control rods, their reacting comes dangerously close to overheating and disaster.
  • Low-carp breakfast? - Just for fun
  • One Mind, Two Systems - Remember the title of the book is "Time SURFING"? So don't forget that it is all about the ride. Without a sense of ease and confidence whatever you do, soon becomes a bad trip. Use lists not to determine what you have to do, but as checklists to help you not to forget...

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