Conference Calls in Real Life

Thanx to Tripp and Tyler we can finally look at what we do during our daily office hours with much more perspective, lightheartedness and mindful experience. And yes, it can be fun to do so. What these two guys do time and again, is to reflect the sometimes awkward truth back to us – often merciless.
We witness Tripp getting caught up in the universe of technical, emotional and human pitfalls happening to people in a conference call. He tries to bring colleagues together, but time is up before the call can technically start with all participants dialed in.

A lesson learned out of this rather discouraging experience might be for Tripp to contact the main stakeholders in his project directly in 1:1 calls and to clarify any tasks and measure progress. Here however it seems that people are not fully engaged in the process and lack interest in the participation overall.
Conference calls proof efficient when the people invited have an active interest to call in. This is the case for example in townhall-like events, where the majority of attendees joins to receive first hand information or wants to use the call as a platform to ask questions and to address concerns. Also a good way of leveraging this tool is to poll the participants on a given topic or decision making.
Furthermore, it must be the target for the organizer to communicate the purpose of the meeting and each participant’s role and expectation to contribute beforehand and in a clear manner.

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