You woke up that morning and went into the kitchen to drink some water. On the way there you noticed a spot in the carpet in your living room. A large dark spot – you remember it to be at least 10cm in diameter – close to the main entrance in the middle in front of the door. On the beige carpet.
Immediately your heart was pumping and adrenaline was released into you bloodstream – though one minute ago you were sleepy and your mind blurry and occupied with calculations of how much longer you could sleep and if going back to bed made you a horrible selfish person.
Now you were already kneeling on the carpet to examine the spot. What was that and where did it come from? Clueless by the sight of it, you bend forwards to sniff at it as if you were preparing the cobra position of your yoga sun salutation routine. No smell, no identifiable texture or colour. Hence, no lead to answer the question that now was burning your mind: Why was there a spot on the carpet in your living room?
You had to prepare and leave for work, but did that absentmindedly. On your commute all you could think of, was the same question – only slowly transforming in tone towards more hysterical and – yeah – panicky: “Why the … was there a spot?”, What the heck – must there be a spot right in front of the main entrance?, …
Meanwhile arrived at work sitting at your desk: “This little piece of work … you evil thing of a spot …” were you now thinking.
At lunch time you were torn between going back home to check if it was still there and maybe to examine it further or to go for lunch with your usual lunch date – a co-worker of yours. You decided to go with her for lunch and let the spot be spot for now. Actually, you wanted to hear her opinion – on the spot. Maybe she had had a similar experience or knew someone who had had a sudden spot on the carpet – surely you were not an exception. Or were you?
Suddenly you became wary of sharing your spot experience. What if she had never had a spot on her carpet? So much the worse, an unexplainable spot. on the carpet, right in front of the main entrance of your place. huge in diameter.

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