PURPOSE IN LIFE – part one and a half – finding purpose

Remember the purpose statement attempt from last week?

Here is more. And more hands-on.

Read through the following questions to better understand the implications of having purpose in life:

Do I have a sense of genuine happiness that glows deep inside of me?

Do I feel clear minded about the things I do – with the clarity coming easy to me?

Is it natural for me to come up with projects to grow, evolve, enhance or change what I do?

Do others seek me as an expert, teacher or consultant?

Have I never felt boredom – ever?

Am I relaxed and at ease with myself?

Am I less concerned about the daily news and have reduced reading newspapers?

Do I feel that I can choose my distractions wisely and consciously?

Does my mind become creative during leisurely activities?

When holidays end, do I look forward to going back to where I came from?

If you answer most of these questions with yes, then you very likely have found some kind of purpose in life. If not, find people around you who do answer these questions with yes!! Do it now! Because you are running out of time!!

Let me know whom you found. 

Here examples of purpose statements which were the outcomes of an exercise we did in one of my men’s groups: 

Purpose Statement 1 – Director Communications – Financial Industry

“My purpose in life is to make a positive contribution to the world by creating engaging and visually appealing messages [texts, photos, videos], to analyze, tell the truth, and to coach and mentor others so that they have the opportunity to excel in their jobs and in life.”

“My purpose in life is to help people cope, develop and heal by leading meaningful conversations and encounter individuals, couples and groups with empathy and enthusiasm.”

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